About RDCounselling Services

How much does counselling cost?

Session costs at RDCounselling are £45 per session and are 60 minutes. A concessionary rate of £30 might be available, depending on your circumstances, so please do contact me to discuss. Reductions are available for block bookings.  Please see the ‘Fees & Availability’ section for more information.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions you might have will depend on your unique counselling needs, which we will discuss in the initial assessment session. We will review the outcomes of the counselling process on a regular basis to see where the focus needs to be and to check whether you feel you need further sessions. You can end counselling at any time and if you are thinking about ending sessions, it is helpful to talk this through with your counsellor to review what has worked well and what the next steps are for you.

How often will I need counselling sessions?

Often it is helpful to have sessions on a weekly basis, especially at the beginning of the therapeutic work. However, depending on your circumstances, sessions can be less frequent. Single Session Therapy is also available. Please see ‘Counselling Services’ for more information.

How do I know if counselling will work for me?

Counselling is a therapeutic process which is guided by you and your counsellor is part of that process, offering space to explore, understanding and reflection as well as useful tools and techniques to manage daily challenges. By engaging with the therapeutic process, you are already taking the first step towards change and your counsellor will help you to monitor the progress you are making.

How do I choose the right counsellor?

When looking for the right counsellor, it is important to feel that you can work with them and so I usually suggest an initial chat on the phone so that you can ask any questions about my way or working and the counselling process.

There are a wide range of approaches to talking therapy and many qualifications, which can be confusing. As an Accredited Member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), my practice adheres to the BACP’s ethical framework for the counselling professions, which is designed ultimately to ensure that my work with clients is appropriate for their needs. During your initial assessment session, we will discuss your therapeutic needs and this will enable me to ensure that I have the right training to support you.  If I feel that your needs are outside of my skillset, I will refer you to appropriate services.

When will face to face counselling be available again?

During these uncertain times the safety of my clients and the people around them is paramount. Counselling sessions are accessible online and by telephone and is effective for most therapeutic needs. If you feel that your circumstances are too complex for remote sessions, please do not let this prevent you from accessing support during this time. Counselling can offer many ways of working through the challenges you are facing.  Please contact me to discuss a way forward.